Welcome to my website - Nikolas Kapetanis


Hello and welcome to my digital home. On this website you can find out more about me, my current projects and get in touch with me.

My name is Nikolas and I’m a marketing professional based in Berlin, Germany. I have lived and studied in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands and therefore I consider myself a highly international person.  My main areas of interest include digital marketing, the Internet of Things, start-ups, and entrepreneurship.

I currently work as a marketing manager for we.CONECT, an international B2B conference development company. My team and I build highly interactive and exclusive networking platforms that bring together the right people at the right place.

In the past, I’ve been a part of the Project A Ventures and Saatchi Art teams where I gained first hand experience into the digital marketing world. Other projects I have worked on include TEDx Amsterdam and TEDx Berlin.

I’m passionate about traveling, photography, good food, and meeting brilliant people. And sometimes I blog.

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